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Usha's love for life finds expression in her art. She recently recognized her fire passion and phenomenal skill for painting. Usha has always shown an extreme knack for art forms, either as a successful fashion designer, an over-the-top stunning interior decorator, or as a proficient culinary chef. Now, her foremost form of expression is through painting. Usha uses acrylic and pastels and gets creative while putting her thoughts onto the canvas by leveraging mediums such as the spatula, a fork, her dexterous fingers, or simply a sponge.

While her art is primarily abstract, her soul becomes meditative in her art. Being a Krishna worshipper, Usha's love for the Lord finds expression in her art. The mysticism and spiritualism of Hinduism and Buddhism achieves countenance through her paintings. Usha's followers constantly provide feedback that her work helps create a sense of tranquillity in their respective homes.


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7A, Pretoria Street,
Kolkata 700071
W.B. India.

M: +91 98300 68675


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